Bold shades surely stands out but a nude lip makes you look subtle and elegent. It looks sexy without looking too overpowering. However, it’s necessary to choose a nude shade that flatters your skin tone. Here are few tips which will ensure that you select the perfect nude for yourself.

First find out your skin tone

Check in natural sunlight, lightbulbs can interfere with the apperance of your actual skin tone.

Light:  Your skin is pale and paler people are very sensitive and tends to burn and tan very easily.

Medium: Neutral skin tone, you get tan easily but not sensitive to sun or get burn.

Tan: Your skin naturally looks tan or olive. You rarely burn and look tan all year around.

Dark: Your skin is on the darker side and more prone to hyperpigmentation but you never get tanned or sunburn.

Find out your skin undertone

Find some sunlight and look at the color of your veins on inside of your wrist. this the easiest way to find your undertone.

  • Warm: If your veins are green, you have a warm undertone.
  • Cool: If your veins are blue, you have cool undertone.
  • Neutral: If you can’t determine what color your veins are, you probably have a neutral skin tone. The best undertone in the world. Olive skin tone are more likely to have neutral undertones.

What to choose

Bullets or Liquid?

Bullets lipsticks are perfect for begginers whereas liquid lipsticks needs some practice for application as they tend to smudge faster than bullets. So, choose wisely and the one which you’re more comfortable with.

Gloss or matte?

This is the year of look shiny, glossy and fresh, if you want your lips to look more fuller, go for glosses and shimmers as it gives better illusion to your lips look plumpier than usual. Since matte does not have any shine but gives perfect definition to your lips and stay long last and the another best thing you don’t need to apply lip liner with your matte lipstick. Keep in mind one thing is to moisturize your lips very well one night before, application of matte lipstick on chapped or cracked lip will look horrible and make them more dry and chalky.


Finally, which is the best nude for you?

Light skin: Try corals or beiges for cool undertones. For warm undertones, you can try shades like pale pinks or peaches.

Medium skin: Dark pinks, mauve or beery shades are the best for cool undertones. For warm undertones, you should choose the shade with orange or yellow undertones. Copper, caramal, bronze and pink tinted nude shades works best for them.

Tan skin: Corals and deep pinks shades are the best for your skin tone.

Dark skin: Browns and purple like wine, plum and magenta shades would flatter your skin tone the best. You can do experiments with deep reds and browns. The key rule for dark skin tones is; the darker your complexion, the darker your lipstick should be. Go two shades deeper than your natural lips.




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