Many new trends are coming for this season and for next spring/summers season already but only one trend is permanent since many years which is- Athleisure/workout wear. In this post I’ll give you some styling tips on Athleisure and some major fashion goals.


Comfort is the new sexy

Athleisure/sportswear has come so far and become an essesntial in our wardrobes. Popularity of such comfortable pieces has influenced luxury brands everywhere includes sweatpants, sneakers, tights, crop tops and many more. And because of so much popularity there is no sign of slowing down of this trend in coming seasons or coming years. Adidas, nike and tommy hilfiger are already in the market with their huge stylish collection with affordable pricing, great fitting and unlimited colors.

Top styling tips for you fav athleisure pieces:-

1. Sweatpants, power shorts and tights can be worn with different patterns of tops, it can be sports bra or your sexy bodysuit. Don’t limit yourself to loose tees or sweatshirts. Experiment is the key to look offbeat in athleisure.

2. Don’t stuck with dark or neutral colors, be playful with neon, metallic and bright colors on your crazy nightout.

3. Classy pair of heels will complete your nightout look, if you are thinking to try something new, go for naked heels or boots with your baggy joggers. For more sporty look you can pick from dad sneakers trend this year.

4. Blend them well if you are going to try different pattern and colors at once otherwise it will look ugly instead of stylish. Mixture of many patterns and colors looks cool on runways but not in real life, so keep them simple but show your risk taking ability in fashion as well.

Here are some most stylish looks by celebrities, so that you can take some inspirations from them and meet your fashion goals-


She is famous for her casual and street styles. She added lovely pair of earring with her workout outfit which is showing her love for minimal jewellery and also giving feminine touch in her look.



The modal is known for her amazing dressing and experimental looks. Her look is very simple but sexy at the same time. She paired her olive green tights with a hoodie and completes with heel boots with minimal makeup. I am a huge fan of her personality and styles.



She is truly The Queen of Athleisure (as she started this trend). She started many trends and made the world follow all of them and athleisure is one of them, biggest trend which we are following from many years. She kept this look simple yet stylish, perfactly defining her hour-glass figure.



Whenever we think about her, first image comes in mind- oversized sweatshirts, ponytail atop her head with thigh-high boots. Her styles are as popular as her music.

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