Animal prints are probably my favorite and probably very unsurperising trend becoz we saw it all over during summers but these prints continuing its craze this autumn winters also. Designers are including them in their new collection so, it can leopard, it can be snake or it can be crock print and we are going to see them everywhere this season as well. It can be worn as one statement piece or full on head to toe.



Another huge trend which is continuing this fall/winters season as well is pleated skirts and dresses which looks feminine and chic. If you are preparing your fall shopping list, then you must add a pleated skirts; without any hesitation. It can be worn in so many ways and on many different occasions. Team up your skirt with a cute top and heels for a feminine look or with a t-shirt and sneakers for cool casual look.



I feel like I am in 80’s whenever I see big shoulder and tiny waist style pattern though it is coming in modern twist and unexpected pairing this season. In that era, women wore it to get men-like looks and to feel more empowered but its huge comeback is the reflection of the power we already have and the biggest difference is that we don’t need to forgo our femininity, rather it shows us more responsible and presentable.



Capes have become an important piece of our closet now, as they instantly transform a simple look into an elegant and eye-catchy one. There are many ways to wear cape, you can wear it in the form of a dress, short or maxi capes can be worn with skirts, shorts and jeans. They look very effortless and versatile as they can change your upper body look completely.



Plaids have turned into more colorful, they have become more of vintage and playful this autumn season. If you’re not a colorful and rainbow fan, just go for subtle colors like grey- brown- black. The best way to wear plaids is: we can pick different prints and blend them all together on blazers, jumpsuits, skirts and mini dresses or just go plaids head-to-toe. Plaid pattern are also available in footwear and bags.



Leather pants and dresses are going to be necessary pieces of our closets this winter season. They look very bold and sexy on every body shape. But the key to flaunt it, is keep it simple as much as you can (although they are already statement pieces). Style your shiny leather pants with basic tees and slouchy sweatshirts. Keep you footwear simple and also go with minimal or no jewellery.



Metallics are no longer just for parties. While it’s the perfect for crazy fun night but they are as fit for dayouts too. Pair with cool T-shirt or shirt to focus on your statement metallic piece. Keep one thing in mind- do not go OTT. If you are a beginner, start with touch of metallic makeup or shiny shoes or clutches and bags. Then you can jump on adding one statement piece in your look. If you want to go for wild dramatic look, try matellic dresses, jumpsuits or even suits.



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