Are you spending lots of time in front of mirror for getting ready everyday? No more wastage of time. Here are the tips how getting ready can now be a matter of minutes:


A tone evener, dark spots and blemishes, an anti-inflammatory, an antioxidant and a makeup primer. They do job of serum, primer, moisturizer and foundation- everything in a small packet. Some BB creams also contains spf in them.  BB creams are not available for all skin shades but blending a shade that is closest to your natural skin tone will suit your skin the best. It is lightweight and can be supplymented with compact touch-ups throughout the day to stay fresh all day long.



It adds finishing touch to your eye without so much efforts, instantly adds thickness, length and a darker color to lashes which draws attention to eyes and create definition. Waterproof mascara is more popular for its longevity, but using it everyday isn’t advisable. Since it can’t easily removed, the lashes become weaker and eventually make them fall out. Keep your old mascara wand in your makeup bag to groom and fill your messy eyebrows.



Eyeliners are best for adding instant drama and needed definition to your eyes. Waterproof gel liners are your best bet as they have less chance of smearing and running. But if you are a beginner in wearing eyeliner and want to look natural, eyeliner pencil or pens are the best options for you. Give a try to range of hues that gives uniqueness to your whole look, jewel toned eyeliners such as metallic gold and rich emerald can do wonders whereas a white or nude eyeliner to lower lid for bright and refreshed appearance.



Just a dab of blush can make you look healthier, youthful and dewier. Soft peach or neutral bronze can brighten up dull skin and adds some color. The best thing about blush is that, its a multitasker- add a soft sheen to your eyelids, a healthy tint to your cheeks, a sheer tint on your lips and you can also combine it with contouring to add extra sharpness to a round face.



No matter what style of lipcolor you prefer (sharp, bold and dramatic color, or natural and subdued shades), you will instantly feel more beautiful. You can forget those time consuming lip liners because, liquid lipsticks have a amazing abilitity to give definition and plumpier look to your lips and the brush applicator helps apply smoothly along with lip line as well. If you are suffering from dry and chapped lips but also want a subtle tint, tinted lip balms are the best option for you guys- its hydrating, containing spf, easy to apply and available in huge range of colors.


Tip:- Check your skin undertone before buying lipcolors. Best lipcolors for warm undertone are warm shades like- orange, hot reds and bright pinks. And if you have cool undertone, blue and purple hue shades are best for you. Stay away from sheer orangish shades.

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